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67 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
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Jon Armstrong Introduction
Jon Armstrong Random Advice
Jon Armstrong Forcing tips on the classic force
Jon Armstrong Breaks tips
Jon Armstrong Putting Things Together card selected under fair conditions, found by spelling to any person's first name
Inspired by 11
Eddie Fields Tabled Nailnick
Jon Armstrong What If? chosen card predicted, prediction then visually changes into another selection (frixion pen)
Jon Armstrong I Scream, You Scream... ice cream cone drawn on business card, it melts under flame, frixion pen
Jon Armstrong False False Deal demoing seconds, thirds and centers
Jon Armstrong A Versatile Sandwich Move selection appears between sandwich cards and is tabled, same selection appears between sandwich cards and tabled card is now second selection, featuring a sandwich switch without deck
Also published here 25
Jon Armstrong Hand Sandwich Handling sandwich with repeat
Inspired by
  • "Hand Sandwich" (Dan Garrett, Close Up Connivery notes)
Jon Armstrong, Aaron Fisher Sandwich Card Transformation
Jon Armstrong The Kids' Table color of crayon behind back is divined, repeated by a spectator
Jon Armstrong Thoughts on Two Moves You Might Not Do But Should
Jon Armstrong Gin Picking and Grinning
Also published here 35
Jon Armstrong Second Time Out - Dealing Seconds
Jon Armstrong Ambitious Card Squence using gin pick and second deal
Jon Armstrong Balls to the Walls Collectors selections loaded as seven-card sandwich is shown
Inspired byAlso published here 42
Jon Armstrong My Opening Act card peeked in rubber banded deck, another spectator names wrong card, but that card is later found in wallet
Also published here 45
Step Glimpse with rubber banded deck
Also published here 47
Jon Armstrong Super Hero Theory
Also published here 52
Jon Armstrong The Lucky Chip spectator locates a chosen card with a chip, selection is predicted on back of chip
Inspired byAlso published here 58
Jon Armstrong Three Blank Monte - Arrow Version card to wallet finale
Also published here 62
Jon Armstrong Jon Armstrong Bio
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