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David Finkelstein Introduction
Simon Aronson Preface
Simon Aronson Techniques chapter intro
Simon Aronson, Steve Bedwell Bedwell, Funsky, and more... Steve Bedwell's Dribble Toss Control (and many variations)

  • Two Selections
  • Glimpsing the (New) Bottom Card
Inspired byRelated toVariations 3
Simon Aronson The Funsky Glimpse Glimpse with the Bedwell Dribble Toss Control
Related to 6
Simon Aronson An Efficient Triumph Using the Dribble Toss Control and Funsky Glimpse
Inspired by 7
Simon Aronson Sandwich Control Sandwich using Dribble Toss Control
Inspired by 8
Simon Aronson Impromptu Card at Number, with Mind Reading Card at number effect, using Dribble Toss Control and Funsky Glimpse
Inspired by 12
Simon Aronson The Milk Load, and the Funsky Force Milk Shuffle Force (overhand), combined with subtlety Cross Cut Force
A Simple Ace Production Milk Shuffle Ace Production, Marlo showed to Aronson but credit is unknown
Simon Aronson The Funsky Force Milk Shuffle Force combined with Cross Cut Force
Simon Aronson Bluff Oracle Reverse Faro exploration, Oracle effect without math
Inspired by 20
Simon Aronson Bluff Oracle - First Level (Tracking the Bottom Card) Reverse Faro elimination, keep track of bottom card
Related to 22
Simon Aronson Bluff Oracle - Second Level (The Double Option) Reverse Faro elimination, keep track of bottom card, but allow you to control whether the target card is outjogged or injogged
Related toVariations 23
Simon Aronson More Than One Target Using Double Option to keep track of two cards
Inspired by 26
Simon Aronson Bluff Oracle - Counting Reverse Faro elimination, counting cards to determine number
Simon Aronson Funsky Four-for-Four Switch Stripout Switch, similar to Nolap Switch, deck is tabled as the cards are switched
Related to 30
Simon Aronson Aronson Stripout 2.0 Stripout false shuffle, multiple running cuts during the stripout
  • 1. Bottom Cut Shuffle
  • 2. Top Cut Shuffle
  • 3. Two Shuffle Version
Inspired byRelated to 30
Simon Aronson Tool Sets
Simon Aronson On the Spot Chapter intro
Simon Aronson Double Vision Spectators select two cards, magician predicts them both correctly, self working force
Related toAlso published here 53
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Simon Aronson Not a Chance Card chosen, magician uses "randomly stopped" cards to divine color, suit, value, chosen card travels to magician's packet
Simon Aronson Switch Hit transposition of spectator and magician's selection
Also published here 67
John Benzais Benzais Spin Out Production
Simon Aronson, John Bannon, David Solomon Among the Discards selected Ace appears between the two black Queens in a surprising location - not in the deck where they are placed, but on the table where the other three Aces were
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 70
Simon Aronson Double-Ment Magician divines two thought-of cards
Inspired by 75
Simon Aronson Two-fer spectator locates four selections, and also four Aces as a surprise
Martin A. Nash Tabled Multiple Shift
Also published here 82
Simon Aronson P.U.R.E. Surprise On the element of surprise in magic, uses Twisting effects as example, PURE = Planned Unanticipated Relevance Ending
Simon Aronson I Already Told You Transpositions between Ace of Spades, first selection and second selection
Also published here 93
Simon Aronson Two-Faced Chapter Intro
Simon Aronson About Face Hofzinser Ace Problem combined with elements of Between Your Palms / The Signed Card
Also published here 101
Norman Osborn Double Count counting a double faced card twice to show four of a kind
Also published here 105
Simon Aronson Thinking Inside the Box Jokers sandwich, find three selections. Climax is third signed card appears sandwiched between Jokers placed inside card box.
Daryl Martinez Convincing Tilt
Also published here 120
Harry Houdini, S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Color Change
Simon Aronson Twice Removed, Once Again Two selections reversed in deck transpose with two Jokers, each sandwiched between Queens, two double facers
Inspired by 127
Brother John Hamman Sandwich Switch
Simon Aronson Totals Chapter Intro
Simon Aronson Totally Fooling Three random cards stopped on, sum of values equal number of cards cut off, plus selection is at that number
Inspired byVariations 141
Simon Aronson Total Recall Spectator cuts off some cards, number of cards matches the sum of values of three random chosen cards, MCS Stack (Multiple Card Sum Stack)
Related toVariations 149
Simon Aronson Multiple Card Sum Stack credit information
Simon Aronson Total Surrender Total Recall combined with Totally Fooling, MCS Stack
Inspired byVariations 161
Simon Aronson The Total Package Three phases, MCS Stack
1. Total Recall
2. Prediction of card at number
3. Selection found at number
Inspired byVariations 170
Simon Aronson Birthdays and Datebooks Chapter intro
Simon Aronson No-Stack Datebook Birthday book effect without stack, based on formula
Simon Aronson Fate Accompli Birthday book effect, based on Fate, without gaffs, duplicates or index
Inspired by 179
David Oestreicher Optical Sandwich Similar to Hamman Sandwich Switch
Simon Aronson Birthday Backer Combining Birthday Book with a special double backer
Inspired by 204
Simon Aronson Countdown Cull Culling with cards face down
Larry Jennings Larreverse
Simon Aronson Memorized Decks Chapter Intro
Simon Aronson Shuffle Tracking Magician locates freely selected card, in the process secretly switching deck out for memorized deck
Related to 225
Simon Aronson Gemini Meets the Stack Gemini procedure done with memorized deck, spectator places two Jokers next to two selections
Simon Aronson, Henry Christ Christ-Aronson Aces Henry Christ Aces done with Aronson Stack
Simon Aronson The Aronson Stack "Makes Good" Matching the Cards done with Aronson stack
Also published here 250
Simon Aronson Eccen-tricks Chapter Intro
Simon Aronson Mental and Physical Uses Time Warp Wallet. Magician correctly predicts thought of card and locates selected card
Simon Aronson Square Deal faux fortune telling routine, magician divines number of cards cut off, magic square formed with cards also divine that number
Also published here 262
Simon Aronson Medium, Well-Done two person act, person is sent out of room, later comes back and is able to locate selected card
Also published here 270
Simon Aronson Disillusionment Essay on how to deal with spectators who are begging you to expose the secret
Simon Aronson Pondering Predictions Discussion on prediction effects
Simon Aronson Random Sample Shuffle-bored prediction on folded paper, with the "except..." ending
  • Background and Theory
  • The Booklet Fold
  • Set-up of Deck
  • Performance
  • Comments
  • Credits
Also published here 293
Simon Aronson Two by Two Undo Influence, spectators choose two cards, two numbers chosen from a number deck, cards are found at those numbers
Simon Aronson Postscript
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