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Michael Powers Dedication
Michael Powers Also from Mike Powers
Michael Powers Acknowledgements
Johnny New York Foreword
Michael Powers Introduction
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  • Prologue
  • The Hidden Dimension
Unprepared Card Mysteries
Michael Powers The Lying Traveler three packets, selection travels from packet to packet, lie speller finale
Inspired by 21
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Michael Powers Small Packet I.C. selection put amongst Aces, it becomes invisible, reappears reversed in deck
Related to 26
Dai Vernon The Vernon Utility Move card stolen from out-jogged packet on top underneath top card
Edward Marlo Step Break
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Michael Powers Hell Raiser III elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two Kings, transformation into Aces as climax
  • Blank Card Ending by Al Stratyner
Inspired by 31
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction Move
Michael Powers New Jazz with backfire ending
Inspired by
  • "Jazz It Up" (John Neely, Card Corner, Linking Ring, May 2012)
Edward Marlo ATFUS FUFU with packet
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Count Change peel-off switch
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Addition with packet
Michael Powers Royal Surprise spectator cuts to her selection and also locates the cards to complete a Royal Flush
Inspired by 42
Double Cut
Criss-Cross Force
Michael Powers Way Too Many two selections lost, three indicator cards removed, but they are four, four-card repeat phase, both selections found and four Aces show up along the way
Inspired by
  • "One Too Many" (George McBride, e-book "The Best of OSMOSIS")
Vic Trabucco Snap Sandwich Reveal card appears between sandwich cards with a flick
Michael Powers Last Trick of Dr. Daley with extra card
Michael Powers Open Mate Prediction card at named position matches prediction card
Inspired by
  • Tom Craven trick in Card Corner, Linking Ring, Feb. 2010
Henry Christ Stop When Ready Force
Related to 52
Michael Powers Push Through Success push-through failure meets Hofzinser Ace Problem
Inspired by 54
Jog Glimpse
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Michael Powers Elmer eliminating sucker aspect
Inspired by
  • "Elmer" (Ed Oschmann, Linking Ring, May 2017)
Related to
Biddle Switch
Michael Powers Speed spectator cuts to four cards and chooses two of them, performer pulls mates out of pocket with great speed
Inspired by
  • "Fast Times" (Steven Youell/Grace Ann Morgan)
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Refuses to Cut to the Four Aces to force four cards
Also published here 62
Michael Powers Transpo Visitor tabled card transposes with sandwiched card in deck
Inspired by
  • "Flash Paced Transpo" (Steve Reynolds, Linking Ring, July 2008)
Pick-up Transfer pendulum like as in visitor
Michael Powers No Palm Match Me
Inspired by 70
Cross Cut Force
Michael Powers Cardial Infraction riffle shuffle demo with Aces, Royal Flush finale
Inspired by 74
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Action-Crimp
Frederick Braue Braue Addition
Michael Powers The Unexpected Visitor(s) adding a second selection revelation
  • Extending the Routine
Inspired by 79
Edward Marlo Glide Variation out-jogged
Michael Powers The Fly selection travels from one rubber banded sandwich to another, with color-changing back kicker, story presentation
Inspired by 84
Michael Powers Shrödinger's Dream Revisited Schrödinger's, card through table, card through close-up mat, then card through table upwards
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Rub-a-Dub Vanish
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm
Edward Marlo One-Handed Color-Change Move top card is reversed under second card with one hand
Michael Powers Finessed Interchange two cards transpose, then both transpose with two Jokers
Inspired by
  • "Interchange" (Eric A. Maurin, Genii, Oct. 1982)
Michael Powers No Transfer Whisperers four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Inspired byRelated to
  • Card Corner column solutions in Linking Ring, Mar. 2019
Prepared Mysteries
Michael Powers Triple Whammy three selections, first found, it is stabbed between other selections, one travels from half to half, breather
Michael Powers Twilight Zone Monte five cards, monte type game with odd-backed monte card, transformations occur
Inspired by 110
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count
Michael Powers Boxed Surprise six selections, found under, in and on top of card case, deck vanishes except selection and is found in case again
Inspired by 115
Neal Elias Neal Elias Multiple Shift swing cut
Michael Powers Open Prediction 999 card that is dealt face down is signed on back by spectator
Also published here
  • Close-Up Variety Pack II, 1996 lecture notes
  • Linking Ring Parade, April 2015
Michael Powers Finessed Finders Keepers named progressive sandwich
Inspired by 125
Darwin Ortiz Positioning Ploy cutting a key card to face
Related to 126
Faro Lough Off Ideas
Michael Powers Odyssey III performer cuts same amount of cards as spectator, Ten was set aside at prediction and the packets have Tens on top
Inspired by 133
Michael Powers Natural Faro Slough Off with cascade
Related to 135
Michael Powers Heavy Weight thickness of two packets matched, faro
Michael Powers YCAAN faro placement
Scripted Mysteries
Michael Powers Masque of the Red Death new story presentation, transformation routine with four red spot cards and four court cards, transformation climax
Inspired byRelated to 147
Edward Marlo FUFU
Michael Powers Royal Versus Ace-Stros four piles in diamond formation, Kings assemble on one pile, Aces show up as kicker
Inspired by
  • "Jumping Jacks" (Paul Lelekis, Linking Ring, April 2012)
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction
Michael Powers A Night at the Stardust poem story in which only Aces are used, lost and found, with appearing at the fingertips of the "wrong" hand as finale
Inspired by 155
Dai Vernon, Carmen D'Amico Multiple Shift sliding block
Charlier Charlier Cut
Cameron Francis Impossible Versus Improbable three packets of three cards each, three selections distributed on the packets, all shown to be a four-of-a-kind, an Ace is shown as well and now an Ace is on the face of each packet
Inspired by
  • "Four-Play" (Aldo Colombini)
Related to
Allen Stratyner Al's Aces Trade Places Aces lost and Kings on the table, deck cut into four packets, Kings changed to Aces, Kings shown on top of tabled packets
Inspired by
  • "JC Aces" (Jack Carpenter, Linking Ring, Aug. 2011)
  • "JK Aitches" (Jerry K. Hartman, Linking Ring, Oct. 2011)
Al Leech Instant Addition
Through the Fist Flourish
Kevin Casaretto Signed, Sealed & Delivered Redux card signed by performer and spectator transpose after put in envelopes
Father Cyprian Cyp's Double Lift from Center top half flipped over book-wise and double slides on lower half
Michael Powers Finessed Gallo Shuffle Triumph shuffle type
Inspired by
  • "The M.G. Strip-Out" (Mike Gallo, Allan Hayden's Card Sharp on Duty, 1983)
Michael Powers, Eric A. Maurin Finessed Center Switch out-jogged card and top card are removed together, out-jogged card switched for card second from top
Inspired by
  • "Center Switch" (Eric A. Maurin, in "Interchange", Genii, 1982)
Michael Powers Powers Varies Kelly
Inspired by 193
Michael Powers The Centripetal Force card touched, top half turned over and selection pushed out, switched
Also published here 195
Willis Kenney Willis Kenney Deceptive Control tabled cut control with crimp
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, Sept. 2017
Quick Breather only corners
Pure Mathematics
Michael Powers 52! illustrating the huge number 52!
Michael Powers 21 Again/Invisible 21 selection vanishes and reappears again, featuring a fair selection procedure in which selection is cut into the other two packets, three distant key cards
Inspired by 208
Michael Powers Moe Fun featuring a fair selection procedure in which selection is cut into packets, two distant key cards, another spectator stops the spectator's deal to find selection, with variations (faro, no stooge, edge marks)
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, April 2009
Michael Powers, Keith Randolph Chaos four number cards used to generate four-digit number that is put in calculator, another number is subtracted, final result is nine and the four Nines are shown to be at top of four previously cut-off packets
Michael Powers Two Way Split
  • Effect 1 - The Tantalizer
  • Effect 2 - Another Invisible Card
Inspired by
  • "The Sunken Key Again" (Scalbert's Selected Secrets)
Michael Powers Incomplete Two Way using Riffle Shuffle Control with Incomplete Faro Condition
Inspired byRelated to 228
Michael Powers Reverse Faro Coincidence Redux two spectators choose cards which are fairly lost, black Jacks find both selections, faro
Inspired by 232
Gary Plants A Key Card Placement
Also published here 233
Marty Kane, Michael Powers, Colm Mulcahy, Chris Wilcox BTTP Revisited
  • The Bottom to Top Principle" (Colm Mulcahy)
  • Three-Peat Deceit by Marty Kane (spectator spells name of card three times, then it is on top)
  • Try This (three spectators simultaneously)
  • Telephone/Radio Version
  • Last Minute Addition (restoring original order)
Inspired by
  • "Bottom to Top Principle" (Colm Mulcahy, Mathematical Card Magic)
Michael Powers Creating the Tesseract on four-dimensional objects
Miscellaneous Mysteries
Michael Powers Clarke's Third Law using three coins, two cards and a close-up pad circle
Inspired by 253
Standard Loading Move
Michael Powers CSB routine with purse
Pop-Up Move
Michael Powers U.F. Coins Across four coins across one by one
Michael Powers Rising Mistake wrong card rises up, a moment later it's changed into the selection, using Rising Card app for iPhone which mirrors effect
Inspired by 267
Michael Powers Ring Bandit three-phase routine with one-inch steel ring
  • Garcia Position (Danny Garcia)
Inspired by 272
Michael Powers The Money Game Revisited card signed and lost, seven envelopes with money, lie detector and answers are spelled with envelopes, remaining envelope contains selection
Inspired by 280
Michael Powers Flipped Out three imaginary coins, chosen one predicted and also whether it is heads or tails up
Inspired by 286
Michael Powers Heisting Histed Heisted 3.0 twenty-five duplicates, with additional ideas
Inspired by 288
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