Written by Michael Powers
Work of Michael Powers
231 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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Allan Ackerman Foreword
Michael Powers Introduction
Unprepared Card Mysteries
Michael Powers Open Travelers Transpo Redux Kings put aside, Open Travelers with Aces, one Ace travels from Kings packet to other Aces, quartets transpose
Inspired byAlso published here 17
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Michael Powers Impossible Collectors Queens tabled, later spectator places deck onto Queens and cuts the deck for Collectors revelation
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Kelly Bottom Placement
Michael Powers I.T.H. Triumph in the hands
VariationsAlso published here 24
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display
Michael Powers Red Rover
Inspired by 27
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept
Michael Powers Ace to Face Aces to Kings transformation climax
The Herrmann Turnover Pass
Michael Powers Expert Cards to Pocket two signed cards, multiple phases, deck vanish phase, card to wallet climax with transposition
Inspired by 33
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Bottom Palm
Michael Powers M-Mail signed card is folded and vanishes, found again folded inside cased deck
Inspired by 39
The Mercury Fold quarters under deck
False Transfer to vanish folded card
Michael Powers Sawing A Lady Queen in card case with slit through it, card is pushed through case and Queen
Inspired by
  • Ben Harris idea in Magic Manuscript
Michael Powers Maxi Switch black Kings transpose, then they change to red Kings, then to Aces
Edward Marlo Scoop Addition
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Michael Powers Open Prediction 999 prediction named
  • Variations (named card and memorized deck)
Gambler's Peek bending bottom card
Michael Powers Psychic Birthday Predictor selection matches card written on spectator's birthday in birthday calendar, card also predicted in envelope
Also published here
  • Channel One No. 10
Michael Powers Impromptu Terror traveling hole effect
  • Phase 2: One Hole Jumps to Another Card
  • Phase 3: The Holes Are Brought Back Together
Inspired by
  • "Holey Terror" (Michael Powers, marketed item, 1983)
Henry Christ, Theodore Annemann Alignment Move
Michael Powers Natural Poker Power spectator gets Royal Flush
  • Alternate Ending
  • Alternate Ending II
Inspired by 63
Michael Powers Peel Switch two cards peeled off packed into left hand, one switched for bottom card
Joshua Jay, Michael Powers, Joel Givens Twist on Simon twisting with four Queens, then three spectators get a packet with a Queen each and it turns over in their hands, optional back color change
Inspired by 67
Michael Powers The amBIGuous Card card chosen, miniature selection jumps out of deck, grows and shrinks again
Also published here 70
Necktie Second Deal
Michael Powers Best of All Worlds
Inspired by 73
Michael Powers Hoochie Coochie Aces Aces lost into four piles, then found again
Inspired byRelated to 77
Peter Gröning, Michael Powers Signed Sealed and Delivered unknown card signed on back, sandwiched with red Jacks and put in card case, another card is signed on face, cased card turns out to be signed on both sides later
  • Signed, Sealed and Delivered the Easy Way
Inspired by 80
Michael Powers The Secret Double slide-under switch action with alignment move type action to get a card underneath a single on top of the deck
Related to 81
Allan Ackerman Case Load
Michael Powers Virus transformation routine with four red spot cards and the Kings, transformation to Aces as climax
Inspired byRelated to 85
Edward Marlo FUFU
Michael Powers Reverse Faro Coincidence two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts while back is turned, black Jacks are removed and they find both selections, faro
  • Ending 1
  • Ending 2
  • Ending 3
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
Related toVariations
Mathematical Mysteries
Michael Powers Punch Intro on punched cards and the punch deal, credit information
  • Punching Cards
  • Non-Punched Method
Michael Powers PM Plus two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts, performer deals through cards and finds selections without seeing faces
  • Naming the First Selection
  • Naming the Second Selection
  • Non-Memorized Deck Procedure
  • Non-Stacked Methods
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
Michael Powers Punch Drunk any card pocketed by spectator under fair conditions, performer deals through deck and says he'll stop at mate, cell phone rings and person at other end names selection, 50% Punched Deck (every other card)
  • Cell Phone Finish
  • Alternate Finish (1)
  • Alternate Finish (2)
  • Alternate Finish (3)
Related to 98
Michael Powers Punch for Two two fair selections found, 50% Punched Deck
Inspired by 103
Michael Powers Numerical Analysis selection ends up at total of cut-off packet after mixing procedure, Penelope
  • Alternate Presentations (An Open Prediction, A Closed Prediction)
Variations 106
Michael Powers Hide and Seek selection fairly lost, faro
Inspired by
  • "The Cardician is In!" (Doug Canning, Card Capers)
Related to
Breather Crimp
Michael Powers Heisting Histed Heisted twenty-five duplicates
  • Non Gaffed Ideas
  • Heavily Gaffed Methods (jumbo cards)
Inspired byRelated toVariations 112
Michael Powers Sunken Treasure spectator cuts to a card and replaces his packet in center of rest, card located
Michael Powers Code 5 five cards removed from deck, one hidden, assistant is shown other four cards and names fifth one, repeat in which a card is cased and divined
Inspired by 119
Clocking Mod 13
Michael Powers Coding for your Partner area on pad, silent code
Michael Powers The 7 Card 21 Card Trick
  • Telephone Method
Inspired by 125
Michael Powers Total Freedom five selections found after CATO and mixing procedure
Michael Powers Cut and Run ideas of placement principle
  • Simple COincidence
  • Faro 53
  • Use of a Special Key Card
  • Non Faro Method
  • Another Approach
Inspired byRelated to 131
Prepared Card Mysteries
Michael Powers Animazement stick figure animates on back of deck and draws X on selection, deck shown normal before and after except a single card with the figure on its back
Inspired by
  • "Animator" (David Harkey)
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Michael Powers Back to Back card signed on face, it is shown to have a blank back, another selection signed on back is shown to have blank face, cards fuse to normal card with both signatures
Riffle Force
Michael Powers The Mystery Card blank cards get some business logo
Inspired by
  • "Gypsy Curse" (Peter Kane)
Brother John Hamman The Hamman Count
Michael Powers Red Shift four blue-backed jokers, turn red one by one, then whole deck is red-backed, red/blue double backer
Inspired by 152
Hindu Shuffle Display
Paintbrush Change
Michael Powers Subtle Princess performer and spectator each select a card from a five-card packet, performer finds spectator's card and vice versa
Inspired by
  • "People's Princess" (Jon Racherbaumer, GeMiNi online board)
Derek Dingle NoLap Switch
Michael Powers Invisible Triumph selection turns over in other deck then Triumph with original deck, rough smooth & cheek to cheek combination
Related to 159
Michael Powers Double Decker Sandwich Bluff Sandwich, selection tabled, repeat with transposition with tabled first selection, duplicate
Inspired by 161
Michael Powers Finders Keepers named progressive sandwich
Inspired byVariations 165
Michael Powers The Money Game card signed and lost, seven envelopes with money, lie detector and answers are spelled with envelopes, remaining envelope contains selection
Variations 168
Michael Powers Tri-EASY-Thon card selected, thought of and removed, all divined
  • Impromptu Method (clocking)
Inspired by 171
Glimpse Case with hole
Mexican Turnover brief
Coin Mysteries
Michael Powers, Ron Jaxon, Antony Gerard Flipped Out
  • Spectator's Coin Across
  • Spectator's Coin Through the Table
Michael Powers Ten To One with visible transformation on spectator's hand, magnetic shell
Michael Powers Tarnex copper/silver coin with heavily tarnished and shiny side
Michael Powers Matrix Reverse Surprise reverse matrix with four half dollars, change into different coins as finale
Shigeo Takagi The Steal
Coin under Card Load
Michael Powers Expanding Expenditure coin tossed on mat grows to jumbo coin, vanishes and reappears
Jumbo Coin Vanish
Michael Powers Twice Told Tails one quarter in each hand, they change place as gag, then one shown double-headed and one double-tailed
The Palm Change
Kaps Subtlety
John West Pushing Two Quarters two quarters become a half dollar, then it is split again
Inspired by
  • "Two Quarters" (Daryl, Steven's Impromptu Magic #1)
Click Pass
Goshman Pinch
Michael Powers Progressive Matrix using three coins glued on edges (E Pluribus Unum)
Also published here 197
Michael Powers Captain Hook three coins
Inspired by 200
Ramsay Subtlety
Michael Powers Minimalist Matrix international with dime, penny, nickel and quarter, two shells
Michael Powers More Flippin' Out Ramsay three coins appear one by one, then vanish one by one
Inspired by
  • "Flippin' Out Ramsey" (Robert Moreland, Weapons of Choice Notes)
Miscellaneous Mysteries
Ron Jaxon Smokin' cigarette put in mouth, filter at wrong end of cigarette, cigarette reversed but still on wrong end, a few more phases
Inspired by 212
Michael Powers Double Your Money borrowed Five Dollar Bill changes to Ten, then transposition
Inspired byRelated to
  • Michael Powers' version on video Top Secret Close-Up (1992)
Michael Powers Bill Switch Handling
Michael Powers Ring Transpo ring on string transposes with ring on performer's finger
Michael Powers Routined Rubber one rubber band splits into two, penetration routine, then one vanishes again
Michael Powers Paper View straw removed from wrapping paper, it visible jumps back into paper
Flip Hallema Flip Stick
Michael Powers Science Friction straw balanced on saltshaker, straw moves and is animated, static electricity
Related to 229
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