Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
73 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
31 entries
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Steve Beam Introduction
Steve Beam Mental Case spectator divines card, naturally printed on card case
Variations 6
Steve Beam Joker Magnet Jokers are cut into the two halves of the deck face up, cards next to Jokers are four of a kind
Related to 8
Steve Beam Mexican Transit System
Related to 12
Steve Beam Cutting to the Aces spectator cuts and finds two Aces, Aces are cut inside the two halves to find other Aces
Steve Beam Maeb-Y Veeser Variation right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left
Related to 16
Jeff White Fan Change
Also published here 18
David Brumble Jut Cut tabled false cut, using a jog
Irv Weiner Shoot Out after Swivel Cut a card shoots out
Milton Francis Card Prediction humorous entry
Also published here 25
Don Morris Rollover Location card is found at position, values of two cards added together
Steve Beam Lucky 13 spectator cuts to two indicator cards, which total the position of the selection, see Semi-Automatic Card Tricks for variation
Related to 28
Steve Beam Countdown values of two cut to cards are added and total leads to selection, 14/15 stack
Steve Beam Mating Season I dealing through the halves and spectator stops, mates
Related to 33
Steve Beam Mating Season II dealing through the halves and spectator stops, mates, different method as in Mating Season I
Related to 35
Steve Beam Talk About Your Nice Locations values of two cut to cards are added and total leads to selection
Steve Beam Twice As Nice two cards are reversed in the deck and then count up to the value of their card, both land on the same card, which was predicted
Steve Beam Thrice As Nice variation of Twice As Nice
Steve Beam Dissertation On Palming humorous article
Steve Beam Overlooking Miracles using oily skin as daub
Steve Beam The Best I Could Scratch Up
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  • Paul Clive's "On the Side" in "Card Tricks Without Skill"
Steve Beam Lost and Found
Steve Beam The Five Foot Shelf humorous article
Steve Beam Cut Up selection turns over in the middle of a Charlier Cut
Also published here 51
Steve Beam Drop Change face up card is dropped on face down pile and changes to other card
Also published here 52
Steve Beam Twister using the Tenkai Palm
Also published here 54
Steve Beam Flipped Out production of four Aces
Steve Beam Visual Transposition combination of the Maeb-y Veeser Variation and the Twister change
Also published here 60
Steve Beam Beam's Choice production of four of a kind, pivot out of the deck
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 63
Steve Beam The Last Word
Steve Beam Thanksgiven
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