Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
14 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
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Peter Duffie Acecraft red Aces placed on one half, black on the other, one set transposes and on the other half are two previous selections
Related toVariations 1
Peter Duffie Sudden Impact Aces lost, deck cut onto table at an Ace, the rest of one packet changes into other Aces
Related to 2
Peter Duffie Populace
Peter Duffie Impossible Opener two spectators cut to two cards which are then named
Variations 4
Peter Duffie A Piece of the Action selection comes to top, is cut to center, then a sandwich pair appears around it
VariationsAlso published here 5
Peter Duffie Auto-Match Prediction 2 blank cards with different mixed backs, eight pairs made, three of them match which is predicted
Peter Duffie Odditied two cards chosen from packet, dealt in two piles, selection only odd card in red-black separated pile, with second deal
Related toVariations 7
Peter Duffie Seconds Away! wo cards chosen from packet, dealt in two piles, selection only odd card in red-black separated pile, without second deal
Inspired by 8
Peter Duffie, Gene Maze The Straggler sandwich placed in center, sandwich cards come to top, selection now reversed
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Peter Duffie The Enigma of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection
Inspired by
  • "Sympathetic Reverse" (Edward Victor, Willane's Methods for Miracles Number 8)
Also published here
Peter Duffie Handy packet tricks with five alphabet cards, spelling HAND and a hand one one card, Sands Prime Number Principle
Peter Duffie Phantom Stab reversed card appears with two selections on either side
  • With Three Selections
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 12
Peter Duffie CoVersion two piles, card chosen in one half, other half dealt into three piles and stopped anytime, top three cards added to count to selection
Related to 13
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