Written by Alain Poussard
Work of Yves Carbonnier
290 pages (Hardcover), published by Marchand de Trucs
Illustrated with photographs
Language: French
64 entries
Cover photograph
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Roberto Giobbi Préface
Alain Poussard Introduction
Yves Carbonnier, Alain Poussard Yves Carbonnier: "La Magie et Moi, Une Histoire de Rencontres" biographical text about influeneces and encounters with other magicians
Yves Carbonnier 1-2-3 À Pique Ace, Two and Three of Spades outjogged from deck travel to pocket, then change into Hearts and Spades cards are found in pockets again
Inspired by 40
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition
Yves Carbonnier 1,2,3, Soleil Ace of Spades changes into Two of Spades, Ace found in pocket, Ace changes into Two and Ace is found in pocket again, Three Spades change into Hearts and Spades found in different pockets
Inspired by 50
Yves Carbonnier À la Elmsley
Inspired byAlso published here 54
Herb Zarrow, Yves Carbonnier Zarrow Block Addition variation, to get a break
Slide-Under Addition from palm under packet
Yves Carbonnier À la Jennings
Inspired by 64
Larry Jennings Optical Add-On
Double Laydown double flippd face up on the table, brief
Yves Carbonnier Le CABDD ("Le Contrôle Au Bout Des Doigts"), cards fairly shown and placed into the deck, controlled to the top
Inspired by 72
Yves Carbonnier Le Changement de Couleur color change on the deck, unloading face up and face down card
Yves Carbonnier Collector de Collection
Yves Carbonnier, Bernard Bilis, Edward Marlo ATFUS Variation
Yves Carbonnier Petit Bonus Qui Mérite Qu'on S'y Attarde three selections between face-up Kings vanish and appear in pocket, Collectors follow up
Also published here
  • in "Yves Carbonnier Passe à Table"
Yves Carbonnier Contrôle de Quatre Cartes au Mélange Français key card placement of four cards, overhand shuffle
Yves Carbonnier Routine D'Application de Cette Technique four selecions appear one by one between Kings, then Kings change into selections
Dai Vernon, Jon Racherbaumer, Yves Carbonnier Vernon Addition Variation
Yves Carbonnier La Fausse Coupe Qui Doit Déjà Exister Quelque-Part swivel false cut from hands to table
Related to 106
Yves Carbonnier La Fausse Coupe Pour N...R Jaques
Yves Carbonnier Dur Dur! card comes to the top, changes into blank card and is found in the deck again, repeated, then deck ends up in two glued blocks
Inspired by 112
Dr. Jacob Daley Spin Flourish here creditet to Steve Freeman
Yves Carbonnier Final Permutation Marlo Cavorting Aces with selection, Aces change into Kings
Inspired by 120
Edward Marlo One Fantastic Move
Yves Carbonnier Jack et les Joueurs de Poker magician vs. gambler, Aces change to Kings, then to Eights, Aces found in pockets and Kings in sealed envelope
Yves Carbonnier La Quêteuse de Table torn card is restored inside a card pyramid
Inspired byAlso published here 136
Yves Carbonnier Le Contrôle en Éventail
Inspired byAlso published here 144
Yves Carbonnier Les Frères Marx Jacks change into selections, mates appaer
Inspired by 152
Yves Carbonnier Les Rois Alcooliques simple sandwich routine with a glass, two methods
Also published here 158
Dan Tong The Pad Spread credited to Jerry Mentzer
Samy Liardet Flourish Turnover as Samy Liarday, card is flicked off a glass
Yves Carbonnier La Pirouette combination of the Pad Spread and Liardet's turnover move, sandwich flicked off a glass without splitting
Variations 159
Sandwich Switch
Yves Carbonnier, Jacques Tandeau La Pirouette Variations two methods with a card case
Inspired by 162
Yves Carbonnier Melchisédech fifteen minute card act, selections are found, quartet changes into other, gun trick, card to lemon
Yves Carbonnier 1. Le Spectateur de Trop spectator finds three selections
Yves Carbonnier 2. As Rouges / As Noir Aces change into Kings as climax, and Aces found in pocket
Yves Carbonnier 3. La Carte Revolver gun trick
Inspired by
  • "The Shooting Joker" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 20 No. 8, April 1963)
Yves Carbonnier 4. Retrouvailles Impossibles impossible stop trick, handling of Svengali deck
Yves Carbonnier 5. La carte au Citron card in lemon
Yves Carbonnier Final Alternatif avec Disparition du Jeu optional ending, deck vanish under handkerchief
Yves Carbonnier Les Rois qui Volent four Kings vanish and appear face up in the deck, with three selections between them
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Yves Carbonnier Reset Ultime with a glass
Also published here 204
Yves Carbonnier Strip-Out Addition
Roy Walton The Walton Show
Roy Walton Book Break
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Yves Carbonnier Vemo Switch 1 et 2 color change of sandwiched card, two methods
Related to
  • Yves Carbonnier's "Change Vemo" in "Arcane" #32, 1983. P. 5.
Also published here
Yves Carbonnier Production D'As production of four Aces, red Aces change places with black Aces as kicker
Two Card-Catch Hofzinser Two Card-Catch
Yves Carbonnier Snap Pour une Double double laydown, three as two
Related to 232
Yves Carbonnier Sandwich Progressif three selections appear one by one between two Kings
Also published here 236
Ribbonspread Hideout
Yves Carbonnier Paris Beurre trick for magicians, selection vanishes from sandwich and appears reversed in the deck
Yves Carbonnier Interlaced Vanish Ultime three selections vanish sandwiched between the Kings and appear sandwiched between the Aces in the deck, with a glass
Also published here 250
Yves Carbonnier, Stéphane Guekko Open Prediction
Yves Carbonnier, Jacques Tandeau Permutation Surprise red Aces transpose with black Aces, change into Kings and Queens, then deck vanishes and appears in pocket
Yves Carbonnier Merci Monsieur Le Paul searchers plot, without table
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass
Yves Carbonnier Prédiction Bête Humaine prediction of a number
Yves Carbonnier Bibliographie pas Yves Carbonnier book suggestions
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