Written by Jon Allen
Work of Jon Allen
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jon Allen Something Quick picture of horse on your business card changes into a cheetah
Jon Allen Quickfire flurry with coin and pen, coin vanishes, appears, transposes with pen
Inspired by
  • "Impromptu Hit Man" (Rune Klan, MAGIC, March 2004)
Flip Hallema Flipstick Move
Jon Allen Ring on String Move ring links onto string
Inspired byRelated to 6
Jon Allen ST&R torn and restored napkin, happens in both your hands and spectator's hands. Inspired by a Paul Daniels Linking Rings routine and Paperballs over Head
Jon Allen Ripped Out deck trapped in balloon, card is visibly ripped out from inside
Inspired by
  • "Pressure" (Daniel Garcia)
James Chadier Chadier Peek Peek at information written on the inside of folded business card
Jon Allen, Shimon Nahamani Numballoon Prediction numbered balloons to predict serial number on dollar bill
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