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Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Introduction
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on wands, Okito box, mentalists
Lewis Jones Lift off method for a breakless double lift
1. Doubling up
2. The line-up
3. The one-finger push
4. Edge grip control
5. The switch
6. The bonus
Lewis Jones Unload see the first note
Lewis Jones As a Force see the second note
Lewis Jones Paragon pilfer side palm substitute with Bottom Placement type mechanics
Inspired by
  • "The Paragon Move" (Lewis Jones, The Paragon Move)
Lewis Jones The jog slip force top half removed towards front
Jack Avis Fangle fan passed over face-up packet, face card changes
Variations 17
Lewis Jones Change of face fan passed over face-up packet, face card changes
Inspired by 18
Lewis Jones The turn around card visibly turns over on face of packet with color change
Lewis Jones Change for a single fan passed over single card and it changes
Inspired by 21
Tony Slydini Slydini's lost ambitious card top portion lapped
Lewis Jones Strip tease stripper functionality shown by locating a single card, but uses normal deck
Jack Avis Safe double laying down three cards as two on the table
Lewis Jones Stainless steal cards dealt into right hand off the top of the deck, cards secretly stolen back to deck
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Rollovers "a theme and twelve variations", on the bold rollover force
  • Theme
  • Variation 1: Avoiding the flash
  • Variation 2: Doing without the preliminary peek
  • Variation 3: The multiple rollover
  • Variation 4: Rollback
  • Variation 5: The slipped rollover
  • Variation 6: With a face-up marker
  • Variation 7: With the face-up deck
  • Variation 8: The two-spectator force
  • Variation 9: The two-in-one force
  • Variation 10: The locator
  • Variation 11: The transverse locator
  • Variation 12: The rollover control
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on card men, linking rubber bands
Lewis Jones 4 - 6 - 11 three cards selected from twelve-card packet via dealing, a spectator finds all three
Inspired by 47
Jack Avis Outs for Vernon's Mental Force 1. The spelling solution
2. The Mexican solution
3. The Siva solution
4. The display count solution
Edward Marlo The Display Count
Lewis Jones, Jack Avis Remote view - the sequel two consecutive challenge locations
Inspired by
  • "Remove View" (Lewis Jones, Cardiograms)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Double entendre one card thought-of from half the deck and one touched, both found
Lewis Jones The full monte Hummer's Mathematical Monte variation with three cards, chosen one named, variation by Jack Avis with three packets
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Monte Bank" (Lewis Jones, The Spring of 52)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones The third eye three unknown cards in a face-down row, spectator choses one, his eyes are closed and performer touches both eyes with his (supposedly) two hands, card divined anyway
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Double take unknown card removed, another card chosen and placed aside, second card divined by turning over some cards in the deck of same suit, value, ... then the three mates of removed card turn over
Related to 71
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Under-the-Spread Force Handling spreading over top card
Larry Jennings, Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Larreverse Handling
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on rope magic, sponge balls, David Copperfield
Jack Avis Stop thief card mated, crime story
Jack Avis Unfinished Spin Out
Inspired by 79
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Empathy two cards chosen, located with spelling
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Impossible spectator shuffles after replacement, selection between two key cards
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Starburst packet cut off and reduced to one card via reverse faros, this card predicted and four Aces on top of discard piles
Related to 88
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Fingered card placed aside, its value is used to count to later selection
Edward Marlo Riffle Force Handling break
Jack Avis Letters for Stewart performer taps pencil on cards in spread while spectator spells selected card, ends on selection
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones What's MY card? unknown card reversed in deck, spectator pushes Joker in deck twice to identify suit and value
Inspired by 94
Jack Avis Club sandwich five packets put together face-up and -down, only two selections reversed at the end
Inspired byVariations 97
Jack Jansen Variant five packets put together face-up and -down, only two selections reversed at the end, with further idea by Lewis Jones
Inspired by 98
Jack Avis Countback two piles dealt in unison until indicator card, then spelled to find selection, partial faro
Jack Avis No rough monkey sandwich cards on top of deck, selection appears between them
Inspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Double-decker two decks, one card chosen, two cards from other deck used to count down to it, 13-14 force stack
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Can't be bad emergency card placed aside, Aces found instead of selection, emergency card turns out to be selection
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on cups and balls, linking rings
Jack Avis Switchback performer has losing hand and some odd-backed cards in his hand, then he has winning hand and correct back color
Inspired by
  • item by Jim Angelo, Linking Ring
Lewis Jones Trine guessing game of color sequence of three consecutive cards
Related to 117
Jack Avis Babylon streamlined handling, matching with four rainbow-backed cards
Inspired by 120
Jack Avis Turn of the Century four Aces, into Royal Flush
Inspired by 125
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on children's magic, magician's last wish, money
Lewis Jones Fish on "range forces" like in OOSOOM
Lewis Jones High Five one of five
Max Katz Max Katz Switch kind of bottop change bottom deal at the back, as out
Lewis Jones Move over again, Moe with drop stack type arranging of color pattern
Inspired by
  • "Move over, Moe" (Lewis Jones, Imp Romp 2)
Lewis Jones Dual control two thought-of cards divined (each one out of five)
Inspired by
  • "Radar Deck" (Richard Osterlind)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on egg bag, ventriloquism
Jack Avis Colour co-ordinates performer and spectator deal from bottom of half the deck each, color sequence matches despite shuffle
Related to 151
Jack Avis Multiple Glide end grip
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Back to back to back four cards change and twist, with color changing backs into rainbow, red/blue double backer
  • Twisting the blue
  • Twisting the red
  • Twisting the rainbow
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Twins collide five cards put on table and one chosen, its mate found from rest of deck
Lewis Jones Rack and bled starts with shuffled deck, deck set up in preliminary phase, gambling presentation
Related toVariationsAlso published here 162
Jack Avis Even further
Inspired by 170
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on table-hopping, chop cup, bill switch
Jack Avis Goings-on four Queens shown, three are placed with Kings, they change into Jacks and Queens are together again, story presentation
Inspired by 175
Edward Marlo Scoop-up Addition uncredited
Daryl Rising Crime Display
Lewis Jones Bad Luck Mansion thirteen cards, one chosen and reversed, it vanishes and reappears from packet two times, war story presentation
Inspired by
  • "The tomb of the kings" (Lewis Jones, Lusions)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Batman meets his match cards transform, a Queen appears under a tabled Joker, story presentation
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Invasion of the body snatchers sandwich finds selection, deck changes back color except selection, in another deck only the selection has an odd back as well, story presentation
Overhand Shuffle Force spectator calls stop
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Shape shifters two Jokers change both into selections and back
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rumba Count
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on escapologists, levitations
Jack Avis Triad three mates found by counting to month, day... of birthday and placing cards there
Related toVariations 199
Lewis Jones Dater base marriage with gemini twins placement, counting to personal numbers
Inspired byRelated to 202
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Name dropper two names of spectators used to spell to selections
Lewis Jones Channel Tunnel phone number of spectator shows up, gambling presentation
Related to
  • "Emma forgets her card" (John Lenahan, Dungeon Video)
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jubilee birthday month of spectator counted down, next card remembered, when performer turns back towards table he locates card and divines month
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ravelli Pop-Out Move
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on manipulators, sawing a woman in half, mentalists
Lewis Jones Con text spectator deals and stops for page number, repeated for word number, word divined
Lewis Jones, Jack Avis Dicy dice thrown, all visible numbers added, that many card counted, one number used to remember a card, located
Lewis Jones Seven up two cards are seen in window envelope, two numbers up to ten named, somehow two Sevens show up and in the envelope are Sevens
Lewis Jones Envelope Holdout to add cards after shuffling
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on dove productions, magician's wife
Lewis Jones By the numbers number force for any number with a magic square
Related to 233
Lewis Jones Calculated risk deck helps with calculations
  • First calculation: money
  • Second calculation: time
Inspired by 239
Lewis Jones I've got your number number force with a calculator
Inspired by
  • Michael de Marco, Linking Ring, May 2001
Lewis Jones Square-bashing
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Jokes on Chinese sticks, dice stackers, juggler and magicians
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones The coin can coin into can
  • Variant 1 (with the prop)
  • Variant 2 (with no props)
Lewis Jones Paperchase words called out and one remembered by the spectator, cumulative/progressive anagram
Jack Avis Off-centre tear
Lewis Jones Mystral coding method over the phone
  • Cards
  • Dates
  • Words (The AIR code)
  • Drawings
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