Written by David Acer
Work of David Acer
182 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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David Acer Author's Note
David Acer Cellular Production cell phone produced from envelope that starts folded up in small packet
VariationsAlso published here 3
Joey Vazquez, John Tudor Cellular Production Follow Up phone vanishes again in envelope which is then torn up
Inspired by 7
David Acer Rink borrowed finger ring put in purse, folded-n arm of glasses inserted, ring suddenly on glasses
Also published here 9
Richard Sanders False Finger Ring Placement finger ring apparently put in purse
David Acer Transfusion Tenkai Pennies with signed coins - then signatures end up on same coin
Also published here 15
Tenkai Ishida Tenkai Pinch
Richard Sanders The Pointing Transfer Tenkai Pennies transfer
David Acer Holiday Miracle tiny Christmas lightbulb flashes while child sings Christmas carol, then given out
Also published here 21
David Acer Cheap Labour selection and three more cards taken out, stickman drawn on back of one, it multiplies on back of all cards, then is only on back of selection
Also published here 25
David Acer Around the World in Eighty Dollars bill changes into two different currencies one after the other and back
Also published here 29
David Acer Time Flies coin shown in hand, coin pocketed and wrist watch waved over hand to turn back time, coin is back and watch disappears from hand and is back on wrist
Also published here 35
David Acer Ghost in the Machine "Streeter #1"
inserting card into bill slit of vending machine to make it change
Also published here 38
David Acer Overtime
Inspired byAlso published here 39
Tilt with one-handed get-ready, see credit information on p. 41
David Acer Transposition Ring Flite borrowed finger ring put in coin purse, it changes into key, ring now on hook in key case
Also published here 43
David Acer Madcap "Streeter #2"
karate coin with bottle cap, with restoration, credit information
Also published here 48
David Acer Mad Card Disease 2.0 card torn into quarters, index corners transposes with non-index corners repeatedly, then restore
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Miracle Mates" (Bob Bell, marketed by Micky Hades, 1963)
David Acer Double-Sided Card Case to switch a torn card that is on it under a rubber band
David Acer Nomen Omen names written on backs of every card, one card chosen from front and one from back, other side of each card predicted
Also published here
  • first marketed 1990 by Camirand Academy of Magic
David Acer Hyperventilate air in lungs transposes with air in balloon, proven with smoke that is suddenly in balloon
Also published here 65
David Acer, Jay Sankey Misguided Angels 2.0 angel on the back of Bicycle card rotates 180 degrees
Inspired by 69
David Acer Rematch match lighted, it changes back to unburnt, then vanishes and is back in matchbook, traveling back in time presentation
Also published here 75
David Acer Swiss Pack many holes appear in chosen card, then the deck has a big hole through it
Also published here 79
David Acer, Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian Squancho 2.0 stickman drawn on top card, wrong card found by this card, card turned face-up and it now is selection itself, stickman changes into disfigured stickman after clapping the card
Also published here 87
David Acer Dry Spell "Streeter #3"
deck thrown in clothes dryer, card comes out of lint trap
Also published here 92
David Acer Money Flies rope taken out of small purse, four coins produced from rope, then each coin travels into glass, last changes into many smaller coins
Part 1: Cord Coin Holder
Part 2: Flight of the First Coin
Part 3: Flight of the Second Coin
Part 4: Flight of the Third Coin
Part 5: Hands-Free Coin-to-Glass (Richard Sanders)
Part 6: Through the Hand
Part 7: From Pocket to Glass
Part 8: Through the Glass
Part 9: From Another Pocket to Glass
Part 10: The Big Finish
Also published here 93
False Coin Transfer
Chester Woodin Click Pass
Gary Ouellet French Canadian Drop
David Acer Initially Yours spectator's initials on one card, another card chosen and tabled, initials jump to another card twice, finally onto tabled card
Also published here 107
Turnover Move
David Acer Creating the Duplicate getting duplicate of initialed card by writing twice
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move
David Acer, Richard Sanders The Body Swap two persons hold up a big sheet of cloth and things travel from one face to the other, eventually the persons transpose
Also published here 115
David Acer The President's Message bill rubber banded to card case is shown and initial, name of selection appears written on it
Also published here 119
Gary Ouellet Touch Force
David Acer Coffee Break exploiting Jastrow/"boomerang" optical illusion with cardboard sleeves of coffee paper cups
  • Identity Theft (two cardboard sleeves with names on them transpose)
  • Sizeable (cardboard sleeve grows)
Inspired by 125
David Acer Changes pips move around on Five & Two of Clubs to Four and Three of Clubs, then fuse to Seven of Clubs, then split back to Five and Two of Clubs
Also published here 129
Oscar Munoz, Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change
Richard Kaufman Natural Grip Radical Change two cards change
David Acer Money for Nothing photo of performer holding a dollar bill is shown, $20 bill changes into a $1 bill, bill on photograph has changed into $20
Also published here 137
Don Alan "Big Deal" Switch under wallet
David Acer Lickety Flip Ace split in two, suddenly all four Aces are produced
Also published here 141
David Acer The Trinary Cut
Also published here 141
Larry Jennings Snap Double Lift to move break from thumb to pinky
Paul Harris Las Vegas Split Move
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
David Acer Mitosis two spectators each write down sic digit numbers, add them together, calls that number on a phone, turns out to be magician's cellphone number
Also published here 149
David Acer Party of Six six people each choose a card and go on stage, stand in a row. Spectator in the audience (holding prediction) chooses one by spelling. Prediction matches the card held by person on stage
Also published here 153
David Acer Wormhole hole punched in card is slid off and put onto paper coffee cup, coffee is poured out of it
David Acer iAces photo of Aces shown on smartphone, one of those Aces turns over and its suit matches selection between spectator's hands, card on photo turns over again and is now selection and spectator has Ace between hands
Inspired by
  • "Snapped" (Cameron Francis)
David Acer Gift of the Magi business card with Christmas tree on back shown, presents appear on it, one is taken out of the picture and a child finds a coin in it
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