Written by David Acer
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201 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs
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David Acer Acknowledgements
David Regal Foreword
Simon Lovell Introduction
David Acer Time Flies coin shown in hand, coin pocketed and wrist watch waved over hand to turn back time, coin is back and watch disappears from hand and is back on wrist
Also published here 9
David Acer Mail Fraud blank post card signed, name of later selection appears on it
Variations 14
David Acer Intangibill finger through bill
Inspired byAlso published here 18
David Acer R.I.P. three quarters restored one by one, described with photograph
Inspired byRelated to 21
David Acer Madcap karate coin with bottle cap, with restoration, credit information
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Simon Lovell Another Restoration of bottle cap
David Acer A Day in The Life #1 - The Sanders Incident anecdote with Richard Sanders
David Acer Double Vision selected card matches odd-backed prediction card, then both cards transform into another pair
Ed Balducci The Cut-Deeper Force
David Acer Symmetry wings of angels on back of Bicycle card are blackened with mirror held in center of card, on other side the blackening duplicates
Inspired by
  • "Twilight Angels" (Paul Harris)
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo The K.M. Move
David Acer Twisting the Acers one by one, then all at once, extra card
The Buckle Count
Jack Avis The Siva Count
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
The Modified Buckle Count
David Acer Diamonds Are Forever Seven of Diamonds initialed on face of rubber-banded deck (out to lunch), large diamond stone produced from it, changes into Six of Diamonds
Jay Sankey, David Acer All But One deck cased, deck except selection penetrates table
Variations 61
Gary Ouellet Crossover Lap lapping deck except one card
Related to 62
David Acer All But One Two deck cased, deck except selection penetrates table
Inspired by 63
Jay Sankey, David Acer The Montreal Transpo prediction written on envelope matches selection, selection put in envelope, transposes with another selection and writing on envelope "changes" to other selection as well (inversion/ambigram), duplicate
David Acer This Side Up deck turns over in card case, with "This Side Up" label on case
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse
David Acer Hofsinzer's Delusion "Hofzinser's", selection between spectator's palms, Aces taken out, Ace of same suit turns over and changes into selection, Ace now between spectator's hands, duplicate
Inspired byAlso published here 76
David Acer Reverse Logic nine cards counted off, one card added, they are eight, then seven, ... a selection is also found at the end
Jack Merlin Tip-Over Change
David Acer A Day in The Life #2 - Lovell, Sisti & Hurlbert
Todd "L'il John" Watson Ripped Torn spectator apparently rips case by mistake
VariationsAlso published here 87
David Acer Ripped Torn Healed delayed torn case restoration
Inspired by 88
David Acer Movin' On Up card reversed but squared, gradual movement
Variations 90
The Turnover Pass
David Acer The Card Also Rises card rises from cased deck
David Acer A Day in The Life #3 - Language Barrier
David Acer Supernova balloon animal, big flash after apparently building up some static electricity, FISM Flash
Also published here 103
David Acer Lethal Force unusual riffle force handling, card starts reversed at second position
David Acer Acereverse as top half of in-the-hands spread is replaced
David Acer Slow Motion Classic Pass wrist turn pass
David Acer The Card Warp Get-Ready
Also published here 114
David Acer The Wave Change coin on finger-tips of palm-up hand, other hand waves over it for change, lapping
Variations 117
Guy Camirand, David Acer The Smile-and-Wave Change without lapping
Inspired by 119
David Acer Endless Chain: The Finger Ring Subtlety with a ring on a loop of rope
David Acer Ghost in the Machine inserting card into bill slit of vending machine to make it change
Also published here 123
David Acer A Day in The Life #4 - The Nooner
David Acer Flipwich center card in sandwich changes visually, one-handed, bottom cards turned over
Related toVariations 127
David Acer Zenwich unknown card between two tabled Jokers, card signed and lost, sandwiched card is third Joker that then changes visibly into signed selection
David Acer Color Scheme sandwiched card visibly changes back color, then back to normal, red/blue double backer and red/red double backer
Simon Lovell Ferret Filiperoo center of three empty business cards instantly prints itself
David Acer Printed Matter three chosen cards in row on table, blank-faced deck shown, three blank cards print into duplicates of selections, then whole deck prints into duplicates of thirds selection
Gary Ouellet The Touch Force
The Riffle Force break
Paul LePaul, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Drop Injog
David Acer The Running Control Hindu shuffle
Also published here 141
Ed Balducci The Cut-Deeper Force
The Swing Cut
The Swivel Cut
Diminishing Lift Sequence three cards
Brother John Hamman, John C. Wagner Flushtration Count Handling
Jean-Pierre Vallarino The Rumba Count
David Acer A Day in The Life #5 - The Battery
David Acer Heavy Credit credit card placed on closed wallet, it vanishes and reappears inside wallet in its slot
Cardini Snap Change done with credit card on wallet
Jay Sankey, David Acer The Pagemaster spectator inserts paper slip into book, first word there is written on slip
Jay Sankey, David Acer The Cardmaster miniature card chosen and inserted into book by spectator, on that page is written the name of the selection
David Acer Quartermain three coins penetrate a deck one by one that sits on top of a glass
The Rubber Coin Illusion coin appears to be soft
John Benzais The Benzais Friction Grip
The Click Pass
Gary Ouellet The French Canadian Drop
David Acer A Day in The Life #6 - The Bullet Catch
David Acer Essays chapter intro
David Acer Someone's Coming Over and it's Not The Waiter approaching a table
  • The Type of Approach
  • The Verbal Approach
  • The Visual Approach
  • The Combined Approach
  • When to Approach
  • The Table-to-Table Technique
  • Your Goals
David Acer Full Contact actual glasses fall out of eye instead of contact lens
Also published here 176
David Acer A Prop By Any Other Name... on using unusual props
Related to 179
David Acer, Richard Sanders The Time Machine chop cup presentation
David Acer The Chop Mug and Creamers coffee mug and creamers for chop cup routine, only the idea
David Acer Getting Press
  • The Hook
  • What to Send
  • Where to Send it To
  • The Follow-Up
  • The Article
  • The Interview
  • Photos
  • Anecdotes
  • The Entertainment Round-Up
  • And Finally, Momentum...
David Acer, Ken Schwabe, Michel Huot Nomen Omen: Three Approaches ideas for the marketed trick, names written on backs of every card, one card chosen from front and one from back, other side of each card predicted
  • The "Collection" Approach (Ken Schwabe)
  • Star Power
  • Cardtune
Inspired by
  • "Nomen Omen" (David Acer, marketed 1990)
Tim Trono Spare Change Meets the Bent Penny idea for marketed routine
  • Bending the Dime
Inspired by
  • "Spare Change" (David Acer, marketed 1988)
Joe Cole Pickpocket Plus idea for marketed routine, card to bill transformation
Inspired by
  • "Pickpocket" (David Acer, marketed packet trick)
David Acer Shot in the Dark (A Professional Presentation)
packet trick with guns on cards, russian roulette presentation, prime number principle
Inspired by
  • "Shot in the Dark" (Hiroshi Kondo, marketed effect)
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