Written by Arturo de Ascanio
Work of Arturo de Ascanio
174 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Luis H. Trueba, José Antonio Vega
Language: Spanish
15 entries
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Arturo de Ascanio Yo Traduje chapter intro, on translations of routines
Arturo de Ascanio El Brazo de Kellar es largo
Sam Leo Horowitz Festival Horowitz - La Carta letter from Sam Horowitz to Ascanio
Sam Leo Horowitz El Aro en la Varita y en la Cuerda translation by Ascanio
1.) Ring on Stick (El aro en la varita)
2.) Mohammed Bey's Ring on Rope Routine
Also published here 12
Sam Leo Horowitz Rutina N° 1 con la Caja de Monedas Okito translation by Ascanio
longer Okito Box routine, two coins penetrate box and deck of cards
Also published here 22
Sam Leo Horowitz Rutina N° 2 con Caja Okito (de 1956) translation by Ascanio
four coins penetrate a deck of playing card, with a glass
Also published here 32
Edward Marlo Agua y Aceite translation by Ascanio
4&4, two extra cards
Also published here 54
Ralph W. Hull El Juego de los Tres Efectos translation by Ascanio
prediction of card, then card travels into other half of the deck
Also published here
  • Ralph Hull's "The Three In One Card Trick" in Trevor Hull's "Testament of R.W. Hull"
Alex Elmsley Los Ases Atomicos translation
four phase variation on Hamman's "Final Ace Routine", including Oil & Water and Follow the Leaders Phase
Also published here 65
Laurie Ireland Rutina "Ireland" de Cubiletes translation by Ascanio
including moves
  • Pass
  • To load the ball under the cup from the finger palm
  • To pass the ball into the left hand
  • The Palm
Also published here 69
Arturo de Ascanio Mi Hermana Ascanio on his sister
Arturo de Ascanio Algo de Plenitud chapter intro
Arturo de Ascanio Mentalismo por Eliminación ("El Juego Ese") extensive treatment on the effect
Also published here 102
Arturo de Ascanio Azul, Rojo, Blanco (Análisis de una Construcción) all backs, normal, color changing back and nudist deck as climax
Also published here 125
Arturo de Ascanio Todo Dorsos cutting to Royal Flush in process, including Impromptu Version
Inspired byAlso published here 148
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