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Juan Tamariz Nobody's Fool!
Woody Aragón Introduction to this work
Woody Aragón Before You Read Any Further...How To Find Your Other Half! spectator progressively discards small pack of torn cards, left with matching halves. also known as 'Love Ritual'.
VariationsAlso published here 25
Woody Aragón Separagon open tabled red/black separation
Also published here 35
Woody Aragón Cheeky Oil And Water sucker oil and water: small packet doesn't separate but whole deck does
Woody Aragón Separagon Triumph spectator sees face-up face-down cards in ribbon spread
Related to 57
Woody Aragón The Wiper Move false shuffle for face-up/face-down deck from hands to table, actually Steve Beam's "The Joystick"
Related toAlso published here 61
Woody Aragón Convex Control control four aces to the bottom by pushing four piles of cards together on table.
Inspired by 65
Woody Aragón Convex Control with Lapping lap four aces after Convex Control
Gabi Pareras Deck Switch direct deck switch while performer demonstrates how to shuffle cards
Breather Crimp includes technique for setting up breather crimp openly in performance
Woody Aragón The Broken Corner torn card reappears in wallet, matching torn corner. no duplicates
Woody Aragón Anti-Faro spectator cuts and performer deals
Also published here 87
Woody Aragón The Swindle Shuffle full deck false shuffle
Inspired byVariations 91
Woody Aragón Coincidences with Incidences two selections from face-up face-down deck are mates, then two piles made and shuffled by audience have matching mates
Woody Aragón The Cheerleader thought of card from a pile of cards is spelled to
Woody Aragón Routined Spelling multiple phase spelling trick:
  • a freely chosen color
  • a freely chosen suit
  • a freely chosen card by spelling its name
  • a freely chosen card by progressively revealing the suit and the value from spelling
Woody Aragón Never Tell Them What's Going To Happen
Woody Aragón Maverick demonstration of estimating and cutting specific number of cards.
Related to 131
Woody Aragón The Human Scale weighing the cards
Woody Aragón Si Fry performer ascertains a packet of cards chosen by spectator
Also published here 149
Woody Aragón Bored of Shuffling cards are shuffled face-up face-down by spectator. the number of face up cards and the nature of the face of cards are predicted on a sheet of paper.
Inspired by 153
Woody Aragón Gilbreath Detective two card selection, spectator shuffles pack
Woody Aragón Psychic Poker spectator shuffles and deals four hands. magician guesses winning player and predicts winning hand.
Inspired by 167
Woody Aragón Grandpa's Poker spectators shuffle, perofmer names hands before revealed, and performer gets straight flush
Variations 175
Woody Aragón Erdnase spectator shuffles, five hands dealt. "Erdnase" gets four aces and a Joker
Woody Aragón Blessed Poker
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 189
Woody Aragón Do Not Get Confused... four blank card kicker
Woody Aragón The Transparent Travelling Spots pips on selected card move to transparent card
Woody Aragón Examinable Cannibals
Woody Aragón Appendix: Impromptu Version
Woody Aragón Winner's Intuition spectator chooses ten cards from a deck, places five cards each into two boxes, and magician determines which box has winning hand multiple times
Related to 231
Woody Aragón Clockwork Woody magician predicts thought of hour and selected card. as a climax, all other cards are blank
Woody Aragón The Psychic Deck spectator-shuffled deck answers questions about thought of person
Inspired by
  • "Color Sense" (Norman Gilbreath)
Related to
Woody Aragón Faro Shuffles and Factorial Dealing describes the relationship between the number of Faro shuffles needed when dealing cards into N number of piles
Related to 253
Woody Aragón On the Gilbreath Principle generalizes Gilbreath principle with non-repeated groups of cards
Woody Aragón The Permanent Deck Principle describes stacks that retain order after Faro shuffles
Inspired by 267
Woody Aragón ESP Memorized Deck an ESP stack that retains order after Faro shuffles
Woody Aragón The Slot Machine spectators make three piles with a deck with slot machine symbols on them. all three piles match
Woody Aragón Postcards audience shuffles postcards and chooses a postcard that matches prediction. the prediction also predicts order of the remaining postcards
Woody Aragón The Court Cards story deck trick with court cards
Also published here 293
Woody Aragón Gilbert's Error Code chosen card is found in an "error code" created by the spectator
Woody Aragón Wait! There's still more... a) Forcing a number
b) Letters, words
c) Treasure hunt
d) Red and Black
Woody Aragón, Ricardo Rodriguez An Interview
Woody Aragón Theoretical Relativism
Woody Aragón Regarding Mathemagic 1. The role of mathematics in card magic
2. The "sleight of math" concept
3. Facing mathemagic
4. So...is it really worth it?
5. How to present data and processes
Woody Aragón Construction and Composition: The Structure of Magic
Woody Aragón My Masters discussion of influences
Woody Aragón Appendix: Woody's Change Box deck switch apparatus
Woody Aragón Final Thanks
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